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Strong Yaqui Women

Directed and Produced by Miroslava Gonzalez

A granddaughter’s journey to discover her place in a long line of resilient Latin-American indigenous women. Her ancestors give her strength and guide her to reclaim her cultural truth - her inner Yaqui guerrera - which she uses to encourage and support younger generations and changemakers.

The Bears on Pine Ridge

Miroslava Gonzalez, Co-Producer & Executive Producer

Noel Bass, Director & Producer

Award winning film, 'The Bears on Pine Ridge' is a cinematic POV short film documentary project that began 5 years ago on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, telling a story of hope and resilience during the toughest of times for an isolated Native American community. Viewers are given unprecedented access to a State-of-Emergency happening on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, as the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe is devastated by a shocking youth mental health crisis. With little to no assistance from the Federal Government, the task is left up to the residents of Pine Ridge to help heal their community.

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strong_yaqui_women (1080p) trailer #2

strong_yaqui_women (1080p) trailer #2

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